What to Expect During an Anti-Aging Facial

As you get older, taking care of your skin gets more complex. Facials can rejuvenate your skin, but what about the effects of aging? Specially formulated anti-aging facial treatments can reverse the effects of time and sun exposure, leaving you looking and feeling younger than ever.

At Boost Your Beauty Medispa locations in Merrick and Huntington, New York, physician assistant Mena Abitino-Howe and our expert team deliver high-quality facial treatments designed to address aging and its effects on your skin.  

Facial basics

Most facials start with a deep cleanse of your skin and pores, getting rid of traces of old makeup, excess oils, and dead skin. Any whiteheads and blackheads will be dealt with and your skin type evaluated to determine what type of exfoliation, hydration, and replenishment are required. 

At Boost Your Beauty Medispa, we take into account how much sun you normally get, how your work environment might affect your skin, and talk with you about your normal skin care routine. You might need facial massage, a chemical peel, or application of serums to work deep into skin layers to restore and heal damaged skin.

Anti-aging facials

Anti-aging facials are designed for mature or maturing skin. Even if you don’t have a lot of lines or wrinkles yet, microscopic changes are already happening. Getting ahead of these changes by starting anti-aging facials in your 20s or 30s can keep you looking young.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel helps your body to slough off dead skin more rapidly to reveal the fresh, undamaged skin below. Encouraging rapid skin cell turnover can de-age your face and reduce the signs of sun damage. This is an appropriate anti-aging facial treatment for fine lines and wrinkles as well as mild acne scars. Mena can advise you if a chemical peel is appropriate for you.

Collagen peptides

Topicals containing collagen peptides can help encourage collagen production below the top layers of your skin. These peptides penetrate deeply and kickstart the collagen production process. Topical application of collagen peptides during an anti-aging facial can result in an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and smoother facial skin. 

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is created naturally by your body and is a valuable tool for hydration. As part of a rejuvenating serum used in an anti-aging facial application, hyaluronic acid can significantly increase skin firmness, elasticity, smoothness, and hydration.   

Mena and our team at Boost Your Beauty Medispa carefully formulate anti-aging facials using only the best ingredients and tailor your treatment to your skin’s specific needs for optimal results. Call our offices at 516-259-0324 or book an appointment online today.

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