What Makes PRP Therapy So Effective?

An injectable therapy that has taken the facial rejuvenation world by storm is platelet-rich plasma or PRP for short. You might know it as the spookily named “vampire facial,” popularized by the Kardashian sisters (and trademarked by the doctor who developed it). There’s nothing to fear about PRP therapy however, because what you get from a PRP treatment is radiant, rejuvenated skin.

The process requires harvesting your own blood, separating your blood’s components in a centrifuge machine, and producing a richer product that’s injected into areas of your face where you’d like to see reduced signs of aging.

Here at Boost Your Beauty Medispa, physician assistant Mena Abitino-Howe is well-versed in administering PRP and has found that when combined with another popular treatment -- microneedling -- the results are even more impressive.

What happens during a PRP session? Will it hurt?

In our care, you should feel only minimal and short-lived discomfort, and the process couldn’t be simpler:

Usually, you’re advised to have several treatments. PRP is a great path to refreshed skin, and the procedure doesn’t take a lot of time out of your busy life.

PRP produces radiant results

The PRP treatment sends a message to your skin to, in a way, start from scratch. The platelets secrete growth factors that signal your skin to start remodeling itself, which results in the emergence of new, fresher skin. What you get in return for your PRP treatments is beautifully renewed skin, the erasure of acne scars and pigmentation, and a smoother, firmer face.

After your treatment, you may experience some swelling, redness, and bruising which can be covered with makeup, but you can get back to your regular routine immediately. After a couple of days, these side effects disappear and after three days you really start to see skin renewal happen. Your collagen production picks up and you notice increasing improvement as the weeks go by.

Pairing PRP with microneedling

We’ve found that you get even better results when we treat you with a combination of microneedling followed up by PRP therapy. During microneedling, your face receives many tiny punctures administered by a wand, that encourages blood and other nutrients to rush to your skin’s surface, causing your facial skin to renew itself so you look younger and healthier.

When we perform these procedures in the same session, your skin is primed to best receive the benefits of both, as a result of this rejuvenator “one-two punch.”

Now’s the time to learn more about PRP therapy and how it could help you

Whether you’ve been thinking about exploring the benefits of PRP therapy or you just learned about it through this post, there’s no better time than the present to find out more.

Our caring Boost Your Beauty Medispa team can answer any questions you have about PRP therapy and microneedling. Please contact either our Huntington or Merrick offices by giving us a call or requesting an appointment via this website.

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